Why Selling your home without a Realtor is a Nightmare you’d never want to see!


If you plan to sell your home without recruiting the services of a realtor, think again.
You do not want to take such a massive risk while carrying out what is probably the
biggest financial transaction of your lifetime, do you? By sidestepping this critical
enabler, homeowners expose hard-earned money and valuable time to a larger risk,
while frittering away some significant benefits.
Most buyers/sellers who opt for this route, usually want to forgo the commission paid
to the agent but fail to pre-empt the valuable benefits he offers in return. In fact,
surveys have shown that such properties usually sell for a comparatively lower price
than those sold with the assistance of a professional realtor.
Before taking a decision, check out these proven benefits a realtor will bring to the
table if you engage his services to buy or sell a property
1. Availability of Time: Given the tight work schedules, you actually do not
have time to show around the home and play the role of a real estate agent.
How will you manage showing the home while you are out on a business trip
or a vacation? Your friendly, neighborhood realtor is ready to showcase your
property at a short notice and collect the right feedback from prospective
buyers about it too, by asking the right questions (could you do that?). He will
even offer solutions to problems a prospective buyer perceives, especially
those that could come in the way of concluding a deal.

2. Priceless Knowledge: The domain knowledge that a realtor possesses is
truly invaluable and as a layman it is difficult to match up to it. He knows how
to pick holes in the story that the property websites weave around the home
and provide valuable insights to the prospect. He is aware of the history
surrounding the home and is able to turn it into a selling point.
3. Marketing awareness: While selling a property, image is of vital importance
and you rarely get a second chance to create a good impression about your
home. Professional realtors know how to “prepare” a home when a
prospective buyer comes visiting or when property images have to be shared
with an interested party. Marketing your property will need the expertise of a
realtor and you wouldn’t want to miss out on this valuable quality for the sake
of commission.
4. Experienced negotiator: When you engage a certified realtor and entrust the
task of finding the right buyer for it, you get many bundled-up qualities too. His
expert negotiation skills (due to the endless hours he has spent doing this)
always keeps the buyer interested and he ensures that terms and conditions
always work in your favour.
5. Understands Closure: There are dozens of things to be taken care of, after
the deal is sealed in your favour. With a realtor managing things for you, you
can be assured that last-minute issues and unexpected delays at the
registrar’s office or loan formalities are taken care of. He is qualified enough to
carry out firefighting activities whenever needed and this truly makes a realtor
an indispensable part of a buying/selling process of a home property.
6. Safety: With property portals and online agencies making the buying and
selling easy, it has also attracted a lot of negative attention too. When you put
up your home, its images and other details on the internet, you can expect
unknown buyers wanting to see your home. You wouldn’t know the actual
intentions or background of the so-called “prospect” since there is no agent
who can verify that. Won’t this put your home and family at a risk? And all this
because you do not want to pay a commission to the agent. Think again!
It makes great sense to appoint a certified realtor to help you to sell your property
and avoid a lot of costly mistakes that could come back to haunt you in the future.

Use the professional services of a realtor who not only helps you to protect your
interests but will also justify your home’s value that is so rightly deserves.

Considering taking up a Realtor’s job?

Considering taking up a Realtor’s job? Take this reality check first!
Making a career as a realtor or a real estate agent is the easiest thing in the world. Absolutely wrong. Contrary to popular notions, building up a career as a realtor is NOT as easy as it is thought to be and needs as much dedication, sincerity, and effort as any other job in the world. The society, which is unaware of the hard work that goes into the making of a competent realtor, views it quite differently and forms its own misconceptions about this profession. We all would have known that “Uncle” who, banking heavily on “contacts and personality” jumped into the business of real estate and soon fizzled out after learning the hard truths well, the hard way.

If you are someone who has set your sights on becoming a realtor, it will be prudent to understand that it’s not a glamorous job and definitely not one for the faint-hearted. Generally, it is thought to be the ideal profession for someone who is gregarious, out-going and independent. However, it needs much more than these qualities to even qualify as a realtor and a lot of grit and determination to succeed as one.

Check out these real-life confessions by realtors who gave defined success in a brand new way and then decide if this is truly the profession you want to be in

It’s definitely not a “Work for 2-3 hours & earns millions” kind of a job

So what kind of a pay-check do realtors take home? It will surely be enough to cover all the expenses of running a shop, showing clients around and footing the occasional hotel bill. Realtors taking off large chunks of money in the form of commissions is close to being a myth as there are many expenses to be managed. Office rentals, utilities, staff salaries and many other miscellaneous expenses like advertising, promotional material, business cards, etc. have to be paid and you need to consider them before jumping with joy about the large commission cheque received.

Did I mention taxes yet? Well, you would have to pay taxes on the income received. Meeting up with clients, checking out properties, fuel expenses, and the works. Add them up and that large commission amount shrinks up a lot.

Can you sell “yourself”?

Selling homes is not a profession for the meek. Though an outgoing, gregarious personality may not guarantee a successful career as a realtor, it surely helps to be an individual who can connect to perfect strangers with ease. Building trust and confidence about your capabilities and your ability to conduct transparent transactions will go a long way in creating a long and loyal client list. But if you are one who constantly shoots off the hip, it is ultra-careful with your aim. Homes are large transactions that many of your buyers may conduct only once or twice during their lifetimes. This means that they will need to have implicit trust in the person facilitating this deal.
Realtors can easily get slotted in a category similar to insurance agents and are labeled as being “commission-hungry” or “pushy”, so ensure you are not one of them. Having a professional yet friendly attitude towards clients is the key to success as a realtor selling high-value properties.

Get ready for that “middle-of-the-night” call

I hope you are a light sleeper and even the faintest beep from your mobile can wake you up at unearthly hours. No, it’s not going to be a love note. Rather expect a call from a distraught buyer/seller who himself is spending sleepless nights over the biggest transaction of his life and expects you to join in and give him company in tiding over this difficult phase. Go ahead and hold his/her hand (strictly theoretically speaking) for a while to assuage their feelings and sing them a lullaby to put them to sleep.

Buying or selling a home is a long-drawn process and during this period, there could be occasional tiffs and tiny cold wars. Your client will always demand the moon (and not want to pay as much) so it is your talent that will come in handy to convince him/her that the moon does not have enough amenities that will do justice to their budget.

If BYOB is your mantra, then real estate selling is THE job for you!

You are going to be sailing off all alone in your own boat with no or little support when you decide to get into this demanding but highly satisfying profession. If you are comfortable chatting up clients, putting them at ease with your knowledge and a dash of humor, ready to spend days without a single prospect in sight (Who told you a realtor’s life is an easy one?) then you are primed to BYOB (Be your own boss).

However, this is a profession that will empower you with abilities to help others create their homes and settle down in life. Being a go-getter and a positive thinker will help since there will be days when nothing seems to be going right. Tiding over such situations will test your true caliber and transform you into a true blue realtor ready to take on the world.

You will do well to remember that we all buy or transact through people whom we trust. By creating the right visual imagery before a client and empathizing with their needs as yours, you can expect a lifetime emotional connect with them. Selling real estate is not about reading a book that says “How to”. Carry out a reality check for yourself before you get your feet wet in these turbulent waters of real estate buying and selling and you will never regret your decision ever.

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Don’t buy your dream home without checking these important factors  


A majority of first-time home buyers are from the generation born during the eighties and nineties, millennials who have recently married or just started new families. For this generation, buying a home for the first time and making such a huge investment is certainly a vital decision. This generation has seen the real estate industry boom and has also seen the volatility of the housing market from afar. Fortunately, the earlier generation which has used some tried and tested methods to successfully invest in the real estate market is still around and can guide the newer age bracket in a similar manner.

Let us explore them in brief:

Cannot afford it yet? Don’t buy it yet!

If you are unable to take the plunge into the real estate market and affordability is the issue, don’t let your family or peers pressurize you into taking a decision too early. You may have recently taken up a job or your industry could be facing a slump, so take your time till you feel comfortable funding that EMI.

Take an informed decision

Now that you have decided to invest in a home, make sure you put in the time to research and understand everything that there is about the neighborhood, the city and the amenities around it. Get expert advice if required and refer to property sites and forums to know as much as possible. Connect to a professional realtor who is bound to have all the intricate details about the property you are about to buy.

Don’t overpay

Although buying a home is an emotional decision, don’t let emotions rule as you could stretch your budget unknowingly. Overpaying for a home in the hope that the market will appreciate and increase its value, can turn out to be a costly mistake in the long run. Explore market prices before making a decision or better still, ask a professional realtor to evaluate the same for you.

Impatience will not speed up the process

If you have applied for a home loan, bide your time patiently without making umpteen inquiries at the bank. Your credit score will be evaluated, your income sources will be checked and background checks will also be needed. All these steps take time to hold your horses for a while. For a good credit score, it is important to make credit card payments on time and paying other EMIs regularly. Missing payments will have a direct impact on your credit score and your bank may reject the application or charge you higher rates due to the low credit score.

Buying a home isn’t the only cost you will incur

Homeownership comes along with a host of costs and you will do well to factor in the same. Monthly EMIs, monthly society maintenance, water charges, property taxes, home insurance and the cost of running a home add up to a tiny amount. Make sure your income will be able to support these expenses before taking the plunge for a stress-free life in your own home.

Bandra-A Trip down Memory Lane

Bandra-A Trip down Memory Lane
The Queen of Suburbs, Bandra as it is now named, was originally a tiny fishing village and known as Vandra (Ape) since it was home to several hundred monkeys. The Portuguese, in 1505, called it Bandor, which later metamorphosed into Bandera, Bandura, Bandore, Pandora, Bandorah, Bandara. Around the turn of the last century, it was christened as Bandra, with the railway station sharing the same name.

Past Perfect:

Bandra was populated by Kolis of the fishermen’s community and farmers too and consisted of clusters like Sherly, Malla, Kantwadi, Rajan, Chuim, Pali, Ranwar, Waroda, and Boran. The East India Company acquired this land while Portuguese owned the rest of Bombay (now Mumbai). The hill had an English-styled Club and Danda Green, a massive 18-hole golf course, where only the British of Pali Hill could gain membership. The cottages where the British lived had an attached stable for the horses they owned. Since most of the working class were attached to the East India Company, they began to be known as East Indians, a name that has stuck till date.
The original residents of Salsette, Thana, and Bassein (Vasai) were the East Indians and constituted a majority, followed by Hindu Kolis, Parsis, Goans, Muslims, and Europeans. It was only after World War II that larger structures were built to help immigrants to settle down here.

Prime Locations & Transportation:

The oldest roads in Bandra were Hill Road, Bazaar Road, Pali Road, BJ Road and Ghodbunder Road with two hills, Pali Hill and Mount Mary Hill. Ghodbunder Road began at the Mahim Causeway, passed Bazaar Road, and the Bandra Lake before continuing to Ghodbunder, a port where ships arrived carrying fine Arabian horses. Thus the name Ghod (horse) + Bunder (port). Transport was limited and people simply walked for long distances. On 12th April 1867, train service began between Bombay and Virar, running one train per day while bus service started in the 1930s with one service from Pali Naka to the station.

Unique Week-long Marriage ceremonies :
Marriages were a week-long affair, beginning and ending on Thursday and the entire village received invites. They were conducted at the massive cottages that were rented for as low as Rs. 30 a month, with a large garden attached to it. Every day had its significance. Thursday was fixed for pig slaughter, Fridays for making papads and Saturday to fetch water from the village well and bathe the couple. Sunday was the big day with an elaborate wedding ceremony and reception. Monday was fixed for consuming the food that was left over and to rest, while Tuesday was the day to wash the guest’s feet in exchange for cash. Finally, Wednesday had a final dinner and the guests left on Thursday.
Bandra is home to more than 150 crosses. Many were primarily built 1896 to 1906 to ward-off a demonic plague epidemic that Mumbai fell prey during the decade. The oldest cross, a beautiful one with carved emblems, was built in 1610 in the Jesuit seminary of St. Anne’s which was subsequently relocated to St. Andrews’ Church after a fire in 1739 destroyed the original structure. The 1904 Mount Mary Church was built and designed by Mumbai’s leading architect, Shapoorjee Chandabhoy and it cost a princely sum of 1 lac then.

Some Trivia……..
Can you imagine that it took a ferry across the Mahim creek to reach the industrial town of Bombay? The road that we travel on today was built when incidents of boat’s capsizing in the sea increased. Did you know there was only one train that halted at the Bandra Station initially but increased to 24 in 1873 and today 940 trains halt every day at Bandra, one of the busiest suburban railway station of Mumbai?
Bandra has grown and metamorphosed into a plush suburb over the years with the rich and the famous & Bollywood’s who’s who making it their home and giving it a glamour quotient that’s unparalleled. Property rates have grown multi-fold and prominent builders making their presence felt with lavish residential and commercial projects. The heart of Bandra is slowly changing with the “gaothan” making way to towers and it won’t be long before the rich past of Bandra will be relegated to history books and city records.