Social Media as a Lead-Generation Tool- Truth or Myth?

Social Media platforms are a great way of connecting to long-lost friends, business associates, bosses, and peers. Apart from this, these platforms are a wonderful method of connecting to customers and potential clients. They can be relied upon to broadcast a premium property that is up for rent or sale and to announce a new service you have recently started to offer. But is it prudent to rely on social media to generate leads for your real estate business?

Realty Business is much more than only being active online

You surely do not think that once you post a property listing or an ad on Facebook or any other social media platform, leads will start gushing in, do you? If you do, you are not alone. A large number of realtors spend a huge portion of their productive time, posting property listings on social media and tweaking their status every few hours, hoping to grab the attention of buyers and sellers. Instead of supplementing their main activity of meeting and physically interacting with potential clients with a robust social media strategy, they work the other way round and often find themselves staring at the wrong end of the business funnel.

It would make greater business sense to connect to clients with whom successful transactions have been conducted in the past than looking for leads in the virtual world. The realty business is more about building personal contacts, asking for referrals and strengthening current relationships than fortifying an existing online presence. While there isn’t an iota of doubt about the ease and convenience that social media offers, it can never replace the face-to-face interactions and even a phone call. Social media can surely complement your efforts after you have had the initial meetings and discussion, but it cannot lay the foundations of a strong and long-lasting business association.

Send that friend request NOW!!

If utilized efficiently, social media possesses the power to take communication to the next level and strengthen a business relationship. Let’s see how:

  • Follow-up: Right after a meeting or an interaction with a client, you would do well to follow it up with a personal note on a common social media platform. This small but powerful step can lead to generating a lot of goodwill and will come across a thoughtful one. Asking for referrals while doing so is also a good move if done innovatively and without sounding overbearing.
  • Add value: Customers and potential clients are always looking for realtors who can provide value through information and services. Make sure your social media posts are relevant to your client base and have authentic information about areas like changes in Government regulations or property laws and even home loan procedures.
  • Use it as a Platform to display your range of services: Social media can be utilized to establish your brand and the range of services you offer. If you specialize in commercial property, ensure that is highlighted well enough for clients to recall when required. Be selective about what you post and make sure your page isn’t cluttered with irrelevant posts. Images of completion of a project, keys being handed over and client testimonies are always the best bet so use them judiciously. This will build relationships and generate leads too.

Heady Cocktails for everyone to savour!

Remember, social media is a highly effective way of reaching across to clients and prospects when you are not meeting them face-to-face or haven’t called them up for a long time. It can never replace the physical connect a realtor builds with his customers but can serve timely reminders on his behalf. A personal visit or an appreciative gift does wonder for the health of a realtor-client relationship and so do likes on the Facebook page. Ensure you stir up a healthy concoction of one-to-one connects and online contact and remain in touch with existing clients while building up a steady pipeline of prospective customers too.





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- November 11, 2019

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