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How to ease Stress While Moving into your New Home


Moving into a new home can be a stressful experience for most, considering the hassles of packing, adjusting to a new neighborhood and unpacking. If this phase isn’t planned in a proper, organized manner, it can metamorphose into a stressful situation that could take days to address and lead to a chaotic life. Now that you have secured a beautiful home and landed yourself a new job(if the relocation has happened to a new city or country), it is time to take things in your stride and enjoy the moment. Moving can be a crazy time for the entire family but it can be made less stressful with a little bit of planning.

Here’s what you can do to make moving into a new home a joyful event than a difficult task:

  • Plan well: Planning is the most important part of a glitch-free shifting into a new home. Carry a diary or a notebook and prepare a list of the things you will need to address while moving. It is better to clear your mind well in advance as this will help you to think straight. Things like school admissions, address changes, etc. will gain priority and have to be done way before you actually move. Book movers and packers in advance to save money and avoid last-minute hassles. Prepare your schedule in advance and you will sail through this event in a smooth and settled manner.
  • Don’t Rush: While moving, it is necessary to give yourself and your family, time to soak in the idea of moving into a new home and adjust to it. If the decision is a planned one, then the process can be slightly easier, but in case of a short notice, things can move quite dramatically, throwing your life out of gear. Breathe deeply and begin thinking about the various options before you plan things accordingly. No one is ever an expert at moving since we move 2 or 3 times in our entire lifetime, so don’t push yourself too much. You will get through. If you have kids, take them around to the new locality you are moving in to, as this helps them to get an actual feel of the surroundings. This will help them to adjust emotionally and physically as well.
  • Begin moving today: Do not wait till the day of actual shifting and begin removing the clutter from your home right from today. There would be a lot of stuff that you won’t carry to your new home and would rather dispose of it here. Identify such items and begin pre-work at the earliest. This will help to reduce stress on moving day and keep you free to focus on other important stuff. Order a few boxes and begin with small items that are not useful on a daily basis. De-clutter as much as possible and begin afresh in your new home, away from the past.
  • Define priorities: Getting organized and prepared for moving is the key to remaining sane and reducing stress. Use that diary you have made, to good effect and split a task into daily and weekly ones, as this will help you to keep track of things yet to get done. Call up friends and family and ask for help. Delegating responsibilities helps a lot and allows you to focus better. Working with friends can be a fun experience too and you can use their calm demeanor and expertise to get work done. An additional pair of helping hands is always helpful and makes work easier and stress-free.
  • Rest: It is easy to get lost in the humungous work that you can see before you while moving and we tend to skip a lot of our daily routine activities. Ensure you get a good night’s sleep in the run-up to your shifting and are having proper meals. Don’t miss or delay lunch and dinner times as you surely do not want to feel exhausted and tired before the big day. Reduce caffeine intake and do not compromise on your exercise/walk routine if you are following one.

While moving, keep a back-up plan ready, in case it rains or there is a truck-owners strike on the day. Knowing that there is an alternate plan ready to implement, is in itself stress-relieving and will keep you relaxed. Your movers and packers may miss the date by oversight so be prepared to take the next available day instead of picking up a fight with the company. Focus on your aim of moving and breathe easy.

A comprehensive guide for choosing light fixtures for your home


We all need that positive shaft of light to brighten our lives and the same is true for our homes too. The kind of lighting options one chooses for the home plays a highly influential role in setting up its ambience. Lights are also instrumental in impacting the mood of the home’s occupants. This article lists all the information you need to choose lights and make your home appealing and attractive for your family and guests.

Types of Lighting

Lighting can be divided into three basic categories, viz. Ambient, Accent and Task Lighting. Let us explore them in brief:

  • Ambient Lighting: The primary purpose of ambient lighting is to focus on a specific space. It can create a dramatic effect and is generally used to highlight a décor piece, sculpture or a work of art. Using wall-mounted lights or track lights, it is possible to create an impact on the viewer.
  • Accent Lighting: Tube lights, CFL or LED bulbs that cover a large area and have the potential to light up an entire space are categorized under Accent lighting. Choose lighting that is capable of providing uniform lighting and is pleasant too. Every room should have at least one source of accent lighting.
  • Task Lighting: Areas that are created specifically for certain activities like kitchen, dining or study areas need task lighting. They are designed to enhance spaces to help certain activities and are dedicated to the task at hand. They should encourage productivity and should be pleasant. Choose task lights that are neither too dull nor too strong. It is recommended to choose white lights for this purpose as yellow lights can create a relaxing environment.

Styles and functionality

Lighting options are available in a huge variety of styles, from traditional to contemporary and a range of budgets too. You can choose from different shapes, sizes and materials used like metal, glass, fibre, crystal, and bamboo. Light fixtures like ceiling lamps, floor lamps, spotlights, chandeliers, wall sconces and lighting strips can be used according to your need, taste and application.

There is a massive range to select from vis-à-vis tones, colors, energy-saving options, and brightness. The modern customer is truly spoilt for choice while selecting lighting elements for interior and exterior areas as lighting options are now available for every part of the home like the main door, balcony, garden, passageways, staircases or verandas. Having said that, make sure that the purpose of the lighting is clear before selecting and deciding on its placement. Always remember, your aim should be to use less number of fixtures and maximize their effectiveness.

Lighting types and fixtures for different rooms

  • Living Room: Your living room and the passageway that leads to it create the first impression on guests and you should ensure that it is a lasting one. Choose to light as per the size of your living room and it should complement the room’s décor too. The use of floor mounted lights can create a welcoming atmosphere that is relaxing as well.

You can create a pleasing and relaxing ambiance by combining the use of ambient and accent lighting. Bring out the artwork and sculptures now and display them proudly using focus lights which will highlight them beautifully. The use of dimmers can help in creating a comfortable environment as desired.

A word of caution: Too many lighting fixtures can make space look cluttered and gaudy, so choose prudently.

  • Dining Room: It is quite obvious that the focus of the entire room is the dining table and the chairs around it. The use of accent lights can light up this space wonderfully. A set of drop lights or a good-looking chandelier can do wonders to the ambiance. Your fine dining chinaware and crockery can now find a place of pride as the use of wall-mounted focus lights can accentuate them handsomely.
  • Bedrooms: This space needs an eclectic combination of accent and task lighting to make sure this private space has the right balance of warm and romantic vibes. Task lighting is mandatory in dressing areas where mirrors are placed and if there is a study in the bedroom, task lighting will be perfect here too. Every bedroom should have bedside lamps and floor lighting wherever possible. They are guaranteed to create a romantic ambiance and provide enough light to the room without looking too harsh.
  • Kitchen: Choosing the right kind of light fixtures is extremely vital while designing the kitchen. A single source of accent lighting is mandatory in the kitchen to light up space while small LED focus lights can be spread across the kitchen at various vantage points. Activities like cooking, washing or cutting will benefit from the extra light that LEDs will provide.
  • Bathroom: It is prudent to choose simple yet effective light fixtures that will illuminate the space. Ensure the lights do not cause shadows or harsh reflections in the bathroom. Place wall-mounted focus lights over mirrors so that daily activities like brushing and shaving can be made easier.

Apart from the above, areas that do not receive natural light or have steps, should be well lit to avoid accidents, especially if your family consists of young and young-at-heart members. Combine the features of lighting fixtures to create a pleasant and efficient living space, that’s not only great to look at but is practical too.

Bandra-A Trip down Memory Lane

Bandra-A Trip down Memory Lane
The Queen of Suburbs, Bandra as it is now named, was originally a tiny fishing village and known as Vandra (Ape) since it was home to several hundred monkeys. The Portuguese, in 1505, called it Bandor, which later metamorphosed into Bandera, Bandura, Bandore, Pandora, Bandorah, Bandara. Around the turn of the last century, it was christened as Bandra, with the railway station sharing the same name.

Past Perfect:

Bandra was populated by Kolis of the fishermen’s community and farmers too and consisted of clusters like Sherly, Malla, Kantwadi, Rajan, Chuim, Pali, Ranwar, Waroda, and Boran. The East India Company acquired this land while Portuguese owned the rest of Bombay (now Mumbai). The hill had an English-styled Club and Danda Green, a massive 18-hole golf course, where only the British of Pali Hill could gain membership. The cottages where the British lived had an attached stable for the horses they owned. Since most of the working class were attached to the East India Company, they began to be known as East Indians, a name that has stuck till date.
The original residents of Salsette, Thana, and Bassein (Vasai) were the East Indians and constituted a majority, followed by Hindu Kolis, Parsis, Goans, Muslims, and Europeans. It was only after World War II that larger structures were built to help immigrants to settle down here.

Prime Locations & Transportation:

The oldest roads in Bandra were Hill Road, Bazaar Road, Pali Road, BJ Road and Ghodbunder Road with two hills, Pali Hill and Mount Mary Hill. Ghodbunder Road began at the Mahim Causeway, passed Bazaar Road, and the Bandra Lake before continuing to Ghodbunder, a port where ships arrived carrying fine Arabian horses. Thus the name Ghod (horse) + Bunder (port). Transport was limited and people simply walked for long distances. On 12th April 1867, train service began between Bombay and Virar, running one train per day while bus service started in the 1930s with one service from Pali Naka to the station.

Unique Week-long Marriage ceremonies :
Marriages were a week-long affair, beginning and ending on Thursday and the entire village received invites. They were conducted at the massive cottages that were rented for as low as Rs. 30 a month, with a large garden attached to it. Every day had its significance. Thursday was fixed for pig slaughter, Fridays for making papads and Saturday to fetch water from the village well and bathe the couple. Sunday was the big day with an elaborate wedding ceremony and reception. Monday was fixed for consuming the food that was left over and to rest, while Tuesday was the day to wash the guest’s feet in exchange for cash. Finally, Wednesday had a final dinner and the guests left on Thursday.
Bandra is home to more than 150 crosses. Many were primarily built 1896 to 1906 to ward-off a demonic plague epidemic that Mumbai fell prey during the decade. The oldest cross, a beautiful one with carved emblems, was built in 1610 in the Jesuit seminary of St. Anne’s which was subsequently relocated to St. Andrews’ Church after a fire in 1739 destroyed the original structure. The 1904 Mount Mary Church was built and designed by Mumbai’s leading architect, Shapoorjee Chandabhoy and it cost a princely sum of 1 lac then.

Some Trivia……..
Can you imagine that it took a ferry across the Mahim creek to reach the industrial town of Bombay? The road that we travel on today was built when incidents of boat’s capsizing in the sea increased. Did you know there was only one train that halted at the Bandra Station initially but increased to 24 in 1873 and today 940 trains halt every day at Bandra, one of the busiest suburban railway station of Mumbai?
Bandra has grown and metamorphosed into a plush suburb over the years with the rich and the famous & Bollywood’s who’s who making it their home and giving it a glamour quotient that’s unparalleled. Property rates have grown multi-fold and prominent builders making their presence felt with lavish residential and commercial projects. The heart of Bandra is slowly changing with the “gaothan” making way to towers and it won’t be long before the rich past of Bandra will be relegated to history books and city records.