Eight sure-fire signs that show you enjoy being a Realtor

Whether you are a full-time entrepreneur or working with a high-profile realtor, either way, you spent more than 8-10 hours at work, not to mention a couple of hours spent commuting to and from office. Overall, half of your day is spent at work-related activities with the rest being used up for sleep and leisure activities (Don’t worry, we won’t get into any details!).

There are a few unmistakable signs that show that you enjoy your work as a Realtor so let’s check them out:

  1. Remember playing your favorite outdoor game or playing a musical instrument you love, and getting oblivious to all that surrounds you? Whenever we do something that is truly our beloved choice of activity, we forget our worries and immerse ourselves in a world of our own. When we enjoy work, we become unaware of time and keep at it till we finish it that is because we are in love with what we do. Work doesn’t seem like a burden and time flows by without a hindrance.
  2. When humans connect to other similar beings, it fills them with joy and happiness but the feeling is further enhanced when we create something of value. When a job is completed, be it the smallest one, the unmistakable feeling of fulfillment and contentment is the highest form of reward one can get. As a realtor, cracking a lucrative deal for your client or getting a much-coveted property for them, can be extremely fulfilling. If this fills your chest up with pride, then be assured you are in the right profession.
  3. If the entire household is up in the morning and you are still in bed, trying to find a valid excuse to bunk office for the 4th time in the week, there is something seriously amiss. Those who are up and running, wanting to show that first client of the day a choice property or shoot that email the first thing in the morning, should be certain that real estate is the perfect industry to be in.
  4. When you relate to other people in your office as separate individuals (not a junior or a boss) and see them as someone who can contribute to making a deal ahead of or giving valuable inputs, these are signs that work for you isn’t a struggle. Working together is an essential part of the realty business and you certainly seem to be made for it.
  5. Listen to some canteen or coffee machine conversation at work or while commuting and you will realize that you will hear a lot of complaints about how far the workplace is or the timings are too early or the co-workers are insufferable. However, if you enjoy your daily commute, interacting with colleagues and going about your work schedule in a brisk manner, they surely point in the right direction for you and realty is the one job you are made for.
  6. Who said realty business is easy? Or for that matter, no job is easy. Artists may have to restart on their work if the final product does not match their vision or a writer may have to write pages, edit them, scrap them and begin from zero. As a realtor, a client may show tremendous promise but may not give great returns. But if you are one who does not lose heart and moves on to the next client (who knows when an earlier client could knock at your door again), then you are surely in the apt business.
  7. When someone at a party asks you “What profession do you belong to?” do you clam up or give them a complete lowdown about your realty business. If you are a part of the latter, then you have made the right decision by joining up at the real estate business. (Now, don’t go overboard and dole out visiting cards to the entire crowd). The first sign of loving what you do is when you can’t stop talking about it and if that’s what you identify with, then realty is the place to be.
  8. Work stops being work when one enjoys it and it becomes an extension of who you are, becoming a part of your personality. When you love something, your output maximizes and reaches the top, giving you the satisfaction of completing a marathon. Having accomplished a lot does tire one out but in a positive manner and if that’s how you feel at the end of the day, then you are doing it right for sure.

With a large chunk of time being utilized for work, it is necessary to ensure that you are enjoying whatever your work entails. Remember, we all get only one chance to live our lives.

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