Six Powerful Habits that can mould you into a successful Realtor

Every Realtor or estate broker has its own inimitable style. You could meet a realtor who is gregarious while another one could be relaxed and laid back. Some are fun to be with while others can be staid and introverted. Whatever the style, each one is capable of making the best of it and becoming successful as a professional realtor by committing to certain must-have habits that can catapult them into the next league. So read on if you have plans to have a large office, full of employees generating leads and want to churn out voluminous business.
So is there truly some mantra that puts some realtors on the path to success while others struggle to make ends meet? Well, it is more a combination of adapting habits along with the passion to grow that gives successful agents the edge over others.
Return calls and text messages right away!
A committed agent will always make sure that EVERY single call and text is returned or replied to, without delay. By doing this, you send out a powerful message to your prospect or existing client that he or she is important to you. You could be busy but returning a call or a message at the first instance should always remain a priority, irrespective of the dense workload you may have. Successful agents are known to hold on to leads as if their lives depend on it and ensure that some kind of connect happens to initiate a dialogue. Realtors who have made it to the top are known to reach out to prospects and clients through every possible means of communication, be it phone, text, email or even Skype if that’s the preference shown by the client. Matching the communication style of the client allows them the necessary comfort and switching over to it is the hallmark of a successful realtor. Pick up the phone if the clients love to talk or text if he/she wants it that way.
Keep up with the latest in technology
We are fortunate to be conducting business in a digital world where communication is a breeze, given the wide variety of options at our disposal. Smart realtors make certain they utilize these options to their advantage by using smartphones for communications, iPads or tablets to display property images and follow it up with a carefully worded email. Buy a robust mobile internet plan so you are never short on connectivity. Reading up about the latest trends in technology, apart from real estate information, also helps to initiate a conversation and connect to clients. Clients nowadays prefer minimum paperwork and it makes great sense to go paperless wherever possible.
Know your neighborhood intimately
Almost every realtor you would know is a self-proclaimed “neighborhood expert” but the true ones are those who are acquainted with every single aspect of the locality they operate in. When asked about a property, expect a successful realtor to reel off the details without a pause, thus showcasing his/her knowledge of the property market they operate within. Having information about the overall image of the given locality, its landmarks, the pros and cons (genuine ones, of course), great eating places or popular watering holes is considered to be a much-desired habit for dedicated realtors. Getting familiar with your working area will help create a good impression on your prospects and help build confidence. The online home searches may have made things easier for those searching for a home, but a good realtor will always know what lies beneath the exterior and uses it at the right moment. Such realtors are valued for the impeccable information they possess and are respected for it.
Keep your client in the loop
All successful realtors take time to brief their clients of the steps they will undertake during the entire process and keep them informed about the probable roadblocks that they may come across during the journey. Sellers are known to be highly satisfied when their realtor lets them know about the negotiations happening and all the developments related to their property. This communication has a positive impact on the relationship building between the realtor and the client who feels satisfied and important.
Make the process of getting leads a natural one
An expert realtor is one who procures leads without breaking into a sweat by using various means of connecting to their target audience. Getting introduced to interested parties at social gatherings and also keeping eyes and ears receptive to bits of information are signs of a seasoned realtor. Use social media prudently and do not go overboard with any particular medium. If you feel newspaper inserts are effective with your kind of audience, go ahead and implement it even if it may sound old fashioned. If your audience is not social media-savvy, there is no point in spending time, money and effort into that avenue. Remember, a successful realtor will consider and apply all those means that help him to remain at the top of the mind of his clientele and that matters in the long run.
Create a resourceful network
Buying a home involves a lot many things to be done before and after the property is selected. A preferred bank or lending company, insurance agents, contractors, or even an interior designer who are as professional as you, can be a part of your inner circle and can be recommended to the client. This ensures you have a continuous stream of references coming through this circle, apart from making the client feel he/she is in absolutely safe hands during the entire process of buying or selling a home.
To sum up, the above habits are all about providing top-notch customer service using market knowledge and genuineness. If you are able to guide your client through the maze that real estate transactions are and provide value to every single transaction you undertake, you can consider yourself a success and make a mark as a successful Realtor.

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Real Estate Dictionary- Simplified for the Common Man

A long-time has passed ever since the first English language dictionaries were created. Modern language has added many words to the daily vocabulary since then, giving it a different hue as a lot of slang found its way into it too, not to forget a bit of profanity. However, no-one even thought about infusing the dictionaries with words that the real estate industry uses regularly. This has left us no option but to take the onus upon ourselves to do the honors of preparing a comprehensive list of such “realty-specific” words so the world wakes up to the contribution of realtors to the English language.


Generally defined as a person who is interested in buying a home. However, it can include the entire neighborhood and half of the city. It is left to the realtor’s discretion to classify them into various categories like Unqualified, Lets-have-a-look-and-later-decide, Just Pastime and Genuine.


This is someone who actually gets into a verbal (written agreement. what’s that?) understanding with the realtor. Once the understanding is in place, the client has the liberty to go through mood changes like surfing through TV channels. He/she could become impatient, emotionally-charged, excited, nervous and generally unbalanced or all of the above at the same time. This can continue until the time the sale or purchase is actually inked and is considered to be completely normal behavior.


Also known as a Done-Deal, this is the time when the sale of a home is confirmed and all the hard work, sleepless nights, endless phone calls and unending meetings finally culminated in a hand-shake. It also means the realtor will now get paid for his contribution in bringing the buyer & seller on a common platform (Sorry, cannot disclose how much). Hurrah! Time to fill up the groceries at home this month. Of course, taxes, office rent, staff salaries remain but that’s another story.


This is the Holy Grail, the reason why realtors slog all year round and is completely non-negotiable. This could be a teeny-weeny percentage of the flat value or a pre-determined amount that barely covers the expenses and leaves a bit to splurge on necessities like refueling the car, bike or mobile talk-time (not necessarily in that order). Try reducing this amount at the time of settling the payment and terrible things are known to befall the doer. Don’t try to negotiate. Period.

Home Loan Companies

This is the only support a buyer has when there is no ancestral property to fall back on or any inheritance from long-lost uncles or aunts. Home Loans provide enough money to purchase a property as long as you are will to work 18 hours a day and part with a substantial part of your salary. However, it makes sense to apply with a professional financial lender or bank as documentation could take up a lot of time and effort. Better still, an experienced Realtor could play the guide in this treacherous journey to seek a loan.


This is a unique breed of humans who have immense stamina and strength to run all around the city with a client in tow, showing around properties, cracking jokes, treating buyers to lunches or the occasional drink and even working weekends (Can you imagine that?) Juggling two mobile phones, the office landline, the tab, and the laptop is an art Realtors are experts at, with potential to multi-task while on the move. (Also refer to Superhero in Webster/Oxford Dictionary)


This word can be defined as a person who wants to sell his home. The seller can have inflated figures in their heads about the value of their homes and would want to extract the same amount from the buyer (read Realtor). These figures could be inclusive of those fancy bath fittings recently installed, the fresh paint and even the remodeled kitchen. Sellers generally expect these additions to provide handsome returns but a professional realtor can drill the right sense in them if provided with a suitable opportunity.


This is a pleasurable activity that individuals and families treat themselves when they are tired of routine life and want to rejuvenate themselves. Realtors are unheard of indulging in anything remotely connected to leisure and relaxation. Consistent efforts are being made to sensitize realtors about this essential break, but with no success.

Work Schedule

Strictly speaking, a Realtor does carry his diary (nowadays a tab) to remind him of appointments, to-do lists, grocery lists, PTA meetings, and whatnot. All this is subject to change the moment a client calls and generally, the personal to-do items are struck off first. Work goes on 7 days a week, 365 days a year and schedules are made and remade on a regular basis.

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