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•  4 bath , 4 bdrm apartment FOR RENT  INR500,000 ML . 5 Lacs per month
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fully furnished 4 BHK, Huge independent house space with italian marble flooring, terrace and balcony available on rent at delighted place of Mumbai.
Modular kitchen, this beauty is ready to move in professionally designed and painted
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Bandra-A Trip down Memory Lane

Bandra-A Trip down Memory Lane
The Queen of Suburbs, Bandra as it is now named, was originally a tiny fishing village and known as Vandra (Ape) since it was home to several hundred monkeys. The Portuguese, in 1505, called it Bandor, which later metamorphosed into Bandera, Bandura, Bandore, Pandora, Bandorah, Bandara. Around the turn of the last century, it was christened as Bandra, with the railway station sharing the same name.

Past Perfect:

Bandra was populated by Kolis of the fishermen’s community and farmers too and consisted of clusters like Sherly, Malla, Kantwadi, Rajan, Chuim, Pali, Ranwar, Waroda, and Boran. The East India Company acquired this land while Portuguese owned the rest of Bombay (now Mumbai). The hill had an English-styled Club and Danda Green, a massive 18-hole golf course, where only the British of Pali Hill could gain membership. The cottages where the British lived had an attached stable for the horses they owned. Since most of the working class were attached to the East India Company, they began to be known as East Indians, a name that has stuck till date.
The original residents of Salsette, Thana, and Bassein (Vasai) were the East Indians and constituted a majority, followed by Hindu Kolis, Parsis, Goans, Muslims, and Europeans. It was only after World War II that larger structures were built to help immigrants to settle down here.

Prime Locations & Transportation:

The oldest roads in Bandra were Hill Road, Bazaar Road, Pali Road, BJ Road and Ghodbunder Road with two hills, Pali Hill and Mount Mary Hill. Ghodbunder Road began at the Mahim Causeway, passed Bazaar Road, and the Bandra Lake before continuing to Ghodbunder, a port where ships arrived carrying fine Arabian horses. Thus the name Ghod (horse) + Bunder (port). Transport was limited and people simply walked for long distances. On 12th April 1867, train service began between Bombay and Virar, running one train per day while bus service started in the 1930s with one service from Pali Naka to the station.

Unique Week-long Marriage ceremonies :
Marriages were a week-long affair, beginning and ending on Thursday and the entire village received invites. They were conducted at the massive cottages that were rented for as low as Rs. 30 a month, with a large garden attached to it. Every day had its significance. Thursday was fixed for pig slaughter, Fridays for making papads and Saturday to fetch water from the village well and bathe the couple. Sunday was the big day with an elaborate wedding ceremony and reception. Monday was fixed for consuming the food that was left over and to rest, while Tuesday was the day to wash the guest’s feet in exchange for cash. Finally, Wednesday had a final dinner and the guests left on Thursday.
Bandra is home to more than 150 crosses. Many were primarily built 1896 to 1906 to ward-off a demonic plague epidemic that Mumbai fell prey during the decade. The oldest cross, a beautiful one with carved emblems, was built in 1610 in the Jesuit seminary of St. Anne’s which was subsequently relocated to St. Andrews’ Church after a fire in 1739 destroyed the original structure. The 1904 Mount Mary Church was built and designed by Mumbai’s leading architect, Shapoorjee Chandabhoy and it cost a princely sum of 1 lac then.

Some Trivia……..
Can you imagine that it took a ferry across the Mahim creek to reach the industrial town of Bombay? The road that we travel on today was built when incidents of boat’s capsizing in the sea increased. Did you know there was only one train that halted at the Bandra Station initially but increased to 24 in 1873 and today 940 trains halt every day at Bandra, one of the busiest suburban railway station of Mumbai?
Bandra has grown and metamorphosed into a plush suburb over the years with the rich and the famous & Bollywood’s who’s who making it their home and giving it a glamour quotient that’s unparalleled. Property rates have grown multi-fold and prominent builders making their presence felt with lavish residential and commercial projects. The heart of Bandra is slowly changing with the “gaothan” making way to towers and it won’t be long before the rich past of Bandra will be relegated to history books and city records.

10 Things You Discover When You Move Into Your First Apartment

Let us admit it.
Despite having welcomed the ever-evolving universal culture from the
world around us with open arms, India remains conservative in its approach in many
ways. Moving out of one’s parents’ home while still in college is commonplace in the
West, at times even frowned upon if one continues to camp on the living room sofa
beyond teenage years. In India though, it isn’t yet common to see teenagers moving
out of their parent’s home without career or education on their minds.
However, “living on your own” has caught on in India too, albeit with different
connotations. The Indian youth is open to living on his/her own in quest of acquiring
education or to make a career in a distant city or country (with this, the nuclear family
just shrunk further).
Spiderman once said “With Great power, comes great responsibility”
Living with unbridled freedom can be liberating for most of us, but don’t expect life to
be a bed of roses (“Friends” is just a television serial). Reality can be an eye-opener
with bills to pay, nosy neighbours to deal with, not to mention the responsibility that comes along with the territory

Check out the ten things you will discover when you move into your first apartment:

1. When things break down, you are the one who has to get it fixed
This is YOUR home. The responsibility of fixing that stalled washing machine or the
broken-down flat screen is YOURS too. Calling the technician (you have his number,
right?) and making it home in time when he drops in, will have to managed without
any excuses.

2. People will steal anything from doormats to newspapers to waste

The fancy doormat that you bought from the supermarket to adorn the entrance to
your home is likely catch the fancy of your neighbour, watchman, courier boy,
sweeper etc. People have had newspapers, milk bags and even waste bins being
stolen from the front door so watch out.

3. Noodles will become your favourite meal
Once you move into an independent home, managing meals will be an everyday
challenge unless you have “Mom” to cook for you here too. Those who have
experience hostel life earlier, welcome to an encore of bygone years. Here too,
Maggi Noodles will become a staple diet while apps like Swiggy and Box8 will become saviours after late nights at the office or during group study. Nutrition? Well,
looks like it will take a backseat for now!

4. Friends will have to be kept on a leash
Bachelor homes often become a haven for friends and colleagues who love to spend
time with ….err….their friends. You could find yourself locked out of your own home
at times, since your friend forgot to return the keys. Keep such “friends” on a tight
leash if you do not want your home to become a preferred choice to hangout, leaving
you without any kind of privacy of your own.

5. Relatives and friends will drop in anytime and discover the mess in the house
Be prepared for that rushed feeling when the doorbell rings and you see your long-
lost relatives through the eye piece. The house is in a mess (the bai bunked today
too) and the only option is to sweep the unwashed clothes, shoes, newspapers and
leftover food under the sofa or the bed or dump it into the cupboard (only make sure
no one opens it)

6. Budgeting will drive you crazy
Rent, groceries, Electricity bills, payment to the domestic help, milkman…. The list is
endless and unless you have a budget (AND the determination to follow it) to prop
you up, payments could drive you crazy. Go the old fashioned way and prepare
envelopes to take care of essential expenses. Pay bills at the beginning of the month
so you don’t fall short later (yes, that weekend trip to Lonavala can wait!)

7. Wild parties no more after warning from neighbours last Friday
Its Friday night and you are off to bed at 10 pm?? Seems quite likely, especially after
neighbours complained to the society management about loud music and smoke,
both arising simultaneously from your home. Wasn’t this one of the primary reasons
of moving into a separate apartment? Hard luck, mate!

8. Your home’s security is your responsibility
Hope you are not a light sleeper since barking alley dogs and over-enthusiastic
neighbours could keep you awake all night. The slightest sound at the main door in
the middle of the night could sound as challenging as the presentation in office the
next day. Secure your home with locks, padlocks, security alarms or maybe a fierce-
looking dog. This is your home and its security is solely your responsibility.

9. Parking hassles could drive you crazy
With parking being available at a premium, your two-wheeler/four-wheeler could be
stranded on the road since some smart guy took a liking to your designated parking
area. And since Dad isn’t around here to sort things out, guess who has to call up
the building watchman at unearthly hours.

10. You will learn what interior decoration is all about
Once you are on your own, priorities will change and so will your dream to decorate
your home in a particular manner. You may have to forego that lovely coffee table
you saw at the mall (you haven’t paid the electricity bill this month, remember?). The
paint job too will have to be pushed on to the backburner. That’s life!
Having said all this, living in your own apartment can be a wonderful experience and
a fantastic learning curve that is bound to hold in good stead for you in the future.
Treat the above list as a primer to help you to tide over difficult times. After all,
independence does come at a price, wot say?

Single Story For Sale in Upper Govind Nagar , Mumbai

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Best for family

•  2000 sqft , 5 bath , 5 bdrm single story FOR SALE  INR45,000,000 . more in less
MLS® 100113

You will love this exclusively design 5 BHK apartment with modern services

Best reside ever for your family

Large sized Living & Dining Room offers space to each family members

The efficient layout ensures Zero Wastage and offers maximum space utilisation
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Single Story For Sale in Kanderpada , Mumbai

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Classy apartment

•  1070 sqft , 2 bath , 2 bdrm single story FOR SALE  INR18,000,000 .
MLS® 100111

A friendly lifestyle is yours in this charming 2BHK located in an awesome place of Mumbai with well transport facilities .
Best for small family .
It features 2 fully furnished bedroom & 2 balconies finally designed living area provides a classy look to apartment
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Single Story For Rent/Lease in Midc, Mumbai

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•  1085 sqft , 1 bath single story FOR RENT  INR90,000 ML .
MLS® 100110

Hard to find !!
Best commercial space available on rent at one of the delighted place of Mumbai.
Beautifully designed fully furnished space with 20 work station & 4 manager cabin.
Awesome for any business.
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Apartment For Sale in Magathane, Borivli

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Best for small family

•  1070 sqft , 2 bath , 2 bdrm apartment FOR SALE  INR22,000,000 . GET BEST IN LESS
MLS® 100107

Enjoy the tranquility of 20,000 Acres of Greenery at your Doorstep when you move into this contemporary 2 Bedroom Apartment

Large sized Living & Dining Room offers space to each family members

The efficient layout ensures Zero Wastage and offers maximum space utilisation

Your family will enjoy living in this upscale complex complete with a swimming pool & cosy club house

Stay fit and healthy when you go on your early morning walks in the adjoining National Park

Call us now for a preview of this cosy home that you can calls yours

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